Energy Impact statistics in MacOS Activity Monitor

I have been curious about what one tab in the task manager meant on MacOS. This is something not to be found on windows task manager. This is the Energy Impact stats. I believe the other stats such as CPU, Memory, Disk and network are good enough for understanding how the system is loaded and what exactly is affecting the system more.

So why Energy stats?
MacOS docs state – energy impact is a relative measure of the current energy consumption of the app. A lower number is better. It is computed based on an arbitrary formula using multiple factors. This could include the various resources that an app uses along with the wake up time and interrupts signaled during its activity state.

Likewise, average energy impact is the computed average for the last eight hours or since the machine started.

Energy stats is more related to the juice AKA the electric power that is being consumed by the machine. Yes the power consumption would be directly proportional with the other measurements. However this stat is more connected with the overall usage and how much power is being drawn by an app in realtime as well as in the past. This may be very useful for laptop users who can specifically look at the average energy impact column to find out what has been hogging too much battery in the past few hours.

There are other useful stats in this tab such as the App Nap column – this tells us if an app when not in use can take a nap and avoid using resources.

Information related to Use of graphics card – this does not show up on my old Mac mini or the MacBook Pro 2016. I believe you should be able to see the use of integrated vs the high performing graphics card. GPUs definitely impact energy consumption and will be useful to review battery usage.

Apart from this, I have actually seen variations where the CPU usage was less but the power usage was comparatively higher. This would probably mean that the application was engaging some other machine resources.

For me, I am getting good info from the other stats as I use the same in all environments. However the energy stat on Mac OS is acting like a relative measure of how the applications behaved overall in the system.

Review the video to see a sample of energy stats on MacOS.`


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