“internet” or “Internet”

Internet with a Capital “I” or a small case one? Do both mean the same? It actually had different meaning, but now it may not matter anymore. For a lay person, both mean the same thing in daily usage of the term. However, technical differences existed in the original meaning.

An internet (with a small i) refers to any network composed of inter-networked networks (networks of networks).
An Internet (with a capital I) is a proper noun and represents one global network.

So there are lot of  “internets” but only one “Internet”.

What are “Trojan Horse” programs?
(a) A common form of internet attack
(b) A common form of Internet attack

Option (b) is correct above.
Reference : Information Security Question that was asked years back!

I believe, authors now prefer using the lower case version and you might see this frequenting more often. So, both ways, you are right.


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