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What is GRC?

Watch this video to know more about GRC..

How is "data" important for a company?

How is data important for a company, business, establishment or any venture that we aim to do. How does it add up to make proper decision and drive the show? Let me explain this using the ITIL vision chart. I wrote this note to better explain how IT systems are critical for the company. This is something we all should know as this is core to all IT services. I am taking help of ITIL methodology Vision chart to explain how information interconnects and work at different levels. As a digital data developer or consumer, we are all playing different roles. Be it hardware or software, we are all focused on using, managing and supporting a single crucial unit - "Data". All our duties are centered around this unit. Data can be in the form of text, video, audio, pictures, documents etc. Data resides in databases, on systems, on storages, travels on network, gets printed, gets reported, gets analyzed, is at threat from malware attacks, we lose sleep on it and we go to work

The 5-WHYs Technique

5-WHYs is a simple technique to apply to a situation for analyzing the conditions and dig out the root cause. It is a curious mind approach that entails all involved to keep a positive outlook during the such discussions. Watch this video to understand the right approach of applying this technique.

The Triple Constraints of Projects

This video describes the Key factors of Project that PM should manage and moderate. Keep control of the project by understanding these basic and the supporting elements.


SMART is a wonder technique to analyze whether our goals are worthwhile, practical and result-oriented. Watch this video to learn more about this technique and apply it in daily life.
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